Reclaimed Water

In Santa Barbara reclaimed water or recycled water can be used in all types of  landscaping even drought tolerant landscaping needs weekly watering.

Sol Wave Water can come give you recommendations, calibrate your existing water softening equipment and help you save money and help the environment!  Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled technicians.

We are in a serious drought and need to do everything we can to help you with “old” water softening and drinking water equipment that is not working and putting precious water to drain.  If your water softener is leaking we have service technicians that can help.  If your water softener is regenerating too frequently Sol Wave Water can help you save hundreds of dollars.

We can help reroute reverse osmosis and water softeners waste water and reclaim onto your thirsty landscaping.

The City of Santa Barbara Water Department needs all the help they can get.  Let’s work on reclaiming as much water at your home or business as we can.   Not to worry if you live in Carpinteria, Ventura, Montecito or Goleta we service from the end of the Santa Ynez Valley through the end of Ventura County.   Sol Wave Water can help you design a gray water system that will save the discharge water from your water softening system and from your drinking water system.