The perfect cube is just hours away, make the 24 hours away.  The specialty cocktail, fine whiskey, or the forbidden agave on a bolder… as we upgrade the spirits we enjoy alone or with family or friends, we want it to be special.  The magic crystal ball or cube in the fine glass, the hand picked spirit of choice, we want to preserve the integrity of our bounty.  No chemicals, no minerals, no added chlorine, just purified water water to slowly melt.

Great ice start with pure water.  Not all water is the same and good ice calls for one ingredient!  Purified water!  Step 2 is directional freezing with an insulated ice tray or cube mold.

Here is our fist batch with Reverse Osmosis water (no boiling) and a directional 4 chamber ball maker.

Here is our second batch with Santa Barbara tap water

Coming soon (3/25/2021)