Salt and Potassium Delivery

Salt and Potassium Delivery Service, Maintenance and Water Softener System Efficiency for Santa Barbara, Montecito and the Santa Ynez Valley, As low as $25 per month

Need Sol Wave Salt DelvieryWhat good is a having salt delivered if the equipment isn’t working correctly.  We start with a maintenance program that includes the potassium or salt your equipment needs.  We offer this service for almost every brand of equipment made, there is no need to buy anything new, we are happy to maintain what you already have.  It is quite possible that our maintenance program will save you money off what you do currently.  Our goal is to keep your system working as efficiently as possible so you use as little water and salt as possible.

A system not adjusted correctly could be wasting 2, 3,4 or 10 times too much water and salt.  California and Santa Barbara are facing a water crisis, there is no water to waste.  Our first inspection is FREE, let us check to see how your system has been setup.  We have found systems that were setup to use more salt than needed, this is a potential problem with a service that is charging per bag and the employee get’s a bonus for delivering extra bags.

All water softeners need potassium or salt to soften the water. Sol Wave Water offers home, business and industrial delivery of either. On your delivery day we will come out and fill up your brine tank and make sure your equipment is functioning correctly. No more lugging heavy bags from the grocery store, to your car, to your softener.

If you have a water softener system made by: Culligan, Rayne, Augie, Matilija, Matilija Pure Water Systems, Pure Water Work, Fleck, Clack, GE, Kinetico, Autotroll, Water Boss, EcoWater, Home Depot, AvantaPure, Lowes, PuRo Twist, Sears, Brasswell, Advanced Water Solutions, Seymore Meyer, or any other we have a salt or potassium delivery service and maintenance plan for you.

Sol Wave, what is best?

Sol Wave, what is best?

September 8, 2016- Rich R. From Yelp ***** 

Steve Nipper should be the paradigm for all small business owners. I can’t say enough about this guy and his business. I called him, he was at my house that afternoon and had a new r/o unit installed less than 24 hours after that … Providing me with better efficiency, higher flow rate, and a larger reserve tank for the same price I was paying for an inferior unit from another competing company. I wish I had called him years ago. Steve could sell snow to an Eskimo and leave them happy they made the purchase… He is genuine and honest and I highly recommend him and his business.

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