Chlorine Removal

Chlorine and Impurities Removal for Your Business

Having good water as a part of your business is an asset to your company that contributes to a better bottom line. It may be that chlorine is feeding fungi that damages the corks in your wine bottles, It can also contribute to the health and welfare of your patrons and employees reducing long term health costs and disease potentials.

For our business customers in the greater Santa Barbara area using city water the water you are using is usually treated with chlorine. Many of our customers in the East end of Ventura County, Calabasas and Malibu are getting water treated with chloramine which is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. The National Cancer Institute and the EPA have shared that people that consume chlorinated water increase their risks of cancer by 93% over those who do not. Trihalomethanes were the first new drinking water regulation EPA issued after passage of the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act. The agency had the responsibility to produce all of the supporting information, and in quite considerable detail, and use that information, be it toxicology, analytical chemistry, occurrence, treatment technology, costs, economic impact, to craft its regulation. The University of Illinois in March 2009 reported that consumption of chlorinated water was linked to reproductive and developmental effects in children, breast cancer in women, and heart disease.

With a chlorine reduction system from Sol Wave we custom design a system to fit your businesses needs to remove or reduce the chemicals, and organics in the water that cause odor, foul taste, E. coli, coliform, lead, and some VOC’s and other undesirables. The removal of these properties will give you better, clear, healthy water that will provide you with a better taste, reduced expenses and a lower environmental impact by reducing the amounts of water. It will also impact your budget by reducing the hours necessary to clean by eliminating staining, spotting, and scaling. It will extend the life of your syrups, coffee, seals, gaskets, fixtures, and appliances while improving the overall taste of foods and drinks.

Chlorine removal options are in general less expensive than reverse osmosis. In restaurants and bars the quality and type of water used will directly affect the taste of the beverages and food. In carbonated applications reverse osmosis should NOT be used. The carbon dioxide needs the impurities to adhere to, filtered water is best in this application. We have installed systems in bars that are on city water that have improved the taste of the ice and improved flavor of their drinks. Having the correct pretreatment, filtered water allows for the ice to be harder, clearer, and tastier while reducing the overall costs of ice machine repairs due to water fouling of the solenoids and components. This clean pure water has also contributed up to a 20% savings on coffee, syrups, and concentrates. The interior of the coffee makers will not be constantly coated with calcium and mineral deposit buildups requiring acid cleanings and costly repairs while decreasing the overall life expectancy of the machine.