Exchange Tank Delivery

Sol Wave Residintial Exchange Tank TruckFor customers looking for soft water with no salt tank and no need for electricity, Exchange Tank Delivery is a great option.  Based on your water hardness, your water consumption, and the access for delivery we can help you select the correct frequency and tank size.  We offer 3 basic types of media in our tanks: 1- Softening Resin, 2- Activated Carbon, 3- Di-ionizing Resin.Sol Wave Residintial Soft Water Exchange Tank Metal Tank

Softening Resin- Softens the water at your home or business with no need for a salt tank, sewer drain, or electricity.  We offer delivery weekly, every 2 weeks, 4, 8 & up to 12 week intervals.

Activated Carbon- Removed chlorine and other impurities

Di-Resin- Spot Free Rinse, used in commercial and industrial applications

January 11, 2016

Dear Steve, On Behalf of the American Cancer Society, I would like to thank Sol Wave Water for joining the fight to end breast cancer by supporting our Santa Barbara Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event this year…

We couldn’t do it without  you…  This year the 500+ walkers at Goleta Beach Park Raised over $33,000 for patient support, research and services…  Sincerely, Monica Murrietta