Alpha Resource Center-Slingshot

SlingShot is an art studio and gallery for artists with intellectual disabilities who want to create and sell art. Each artist is recognized for their unique talent, inspired story-telling, and artistic vision. The open studio environment is designed to encourage creative expression and the on-site gallery offers an exhibition space that advances acceptance of the SlingShot artists in the Santa Barbara art community.

Currently more than 40 artists create and sell art at SlingShot.

Social change is fostered by connecting with the community in a deeply personal and meaningful way. SlingShot gallery exhibitions demonstrate our commitment to enhancing the visibility, acceptance and marketability of the artist’s work. We remove the label of disability in contemporary art.

The SlingShot gallery provides an opportunity for the community to buy art that is exceptional and inventive from an underrepresented group of talented people. Our artists earn money from the sale of art, which in turn cultivates greater independence and increased self-esteem.

SlingShot makes a vital contribution to the arts and culture within the Santa Barbara community. We showcase an affordable contemporary art experience uncommon in most communities. Visitors often share their feelings of admiration toward the artists and their work.

Each day we shine a light on what is possible when the label of disability is removed and creative expression is explored. SlingShot promotes the value of people with intellectual disabilities as they contribute to our community through a respected, shared experience – creating beautiful art.

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