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Today, One805 is a permanent 501(c)(3) corporation, raising funds for all three First Responder groups – Fire, Police, and Sheriff – purchasing equipment, supporting public safety & taking care of those who take care of us.

In addition to our cash and water donation please come to bid on our donation of a complete ultra efficient RO system or our donation of 6months of rental service

Support for Maui

Thank you to all of our donors to One805 … because of you we could give to Maui.

One805 understands how critical support is during catastrophes like the devastating one in Lahaina.

On behalf of One805 and First Responders of Santa Barbara County, we have donated $5,000 to Waiākea Water: Maui Fire Relief Fund.

Thank you to all First Responders and residents who have gone above and beyond to rescue and protect. Our hearts are with Lahaina.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost their homes, loved ones and lives in this devastating disaster, and all the First Responders who battled in vain to control this uncontrollable fire and keep the residents of Lahaina safe.

It is a lesson to us all in Santa Barbara County to remember the importance of supporting our First Responders in every way we can, so they can keep us safe when disaster strikes.

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