Pacific Pride Festival – Chase Palm Park

Join Pacific Pride Foundation on Saturday, August 26th for the Pacific Pride Festival returning to the beach at Chase Palm Park Field in beautiful Santa Barbara!

This year’s all-day Pride at the Beach event will bring you another joy-filled festival focused on Belonging and Access. As always, the event is free and open to all ages. With safety as a top priority this year, festival grounds will feature on-site security as well as safe spaces for folks to enjoy themselves in areas dedicated to Arts, Health, Outdoors, Spirituality, Social Justice and more!

The day will feature a full line up of live entertainment including headliner, Calypso Jeté Balmain, accomplished entertainer and Mother for the House of Balmain. Throughout the day there will be mini events happening around the festival grounds. Food trucks on hand, as well as a vibrant beer garden. This year’s festival will also include an exciting sober space aptly named, “Sparkle town” featuring silent disco!

Donation: Bottled water stations to hydrate the thristy crowd!

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