Walk 4 Ovarian Cancer With Emilee

The Cancer Core Recovery® Project is an organization whose mission is to help individuals recovering from cancer overcome their body’s new limitations post surgery and treatment so they can live a better quality of life.

Emilee created the Cancer Core Recovery® Project after her own battle with Stage III C ovarian cancer. While struggling with a new ileostomy, incontinence and internal tissue damage from previous cancer surgeries and radiation (from as far back as her early childhood), she returned to work as a Pilates and movement educator.

She was frustrated to find limited resources locally about how to exercise safely with an ileostomy bag. Teaching Pilates, yoga and as a movement educator for over 20 years, Emilee understood the human body. She was aware that movement was essential for a cancer survivor’s recovery and improving their quality of life.

Emilee created her own recovery program to get back on her feet and this method became The Cancer Core RecoveryⓇ exercise programs that she teaches to other cancer survivors and the medical professionals who treat them.

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